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Student Ministries: High School Mission Weekend

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A couple weekends ago, a group of high schoolers from SGC traveled to northern Arizona to participate in the Joni & Friends Family Retreat, serving and loving on families affected by disabilities.

Our kids' service had a wonderful impact, as evidenced by the joy expressed on the faces and words of the people there: those with disabilities and their caretakers. It was humbling to see people in what seems like a nightmare situation joyfully praising God. It was crazy to hear their gratefulness to for our teens' minimal sacrifice when they sacrifice so much every second of every day as caretakers (some of whom were disabled themselves).

The people running the camp were also blown away at the sacrificial service of our kids. Girls were scrubbing the feet of moms who never have pedicures and they were doing it with a smile and engaging the women in conversation.

The boys volunteered to be moving paintball targets for the dads to have some fun.

Our youth were always looking for the next thing to help with, or with down time they legitimately wanted to engage with and love the people there at the camp.

And while our youth served their hearts out, they did not walk away unaffected. Not even 30min had passed from the time we left to head home that many of them were asking if we can go back next year.  One of our girls even says that she became a Christian that weekend!

It was an incredible weekend of sharing the love of Christ with those who are often marginalized, overlooked, judged and ignored in our culture and society. The families were loved and our youth were impacted as well.

If you would like more information about the disability ministry here at SGC, please contact the church office and we would love to tell you more!




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