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Meet the Clardy Family!

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Meet the Clardy Family - Lonnie & Melanie, with their children Courtney (married to Jonah), Caleb (married Vanessa), Kait and Katarina (17yr old twins), Christopher (7yrs), and Khloe (6yrs). Lonnie has been an IT guy at Intel for over 16 years. Melanie currently loves working for Redeedmed2Repeat and runs a homeschool co-op class that meets at the church. Kait & Kat attend East Vally Institute of Technology for Aesthetics and Anatomy & Physiology, respectively, and Christopher and Khloe are homeschooled.
Sunday mornings, they have worked in children's ministry and with the Connect Team. Their family LOVES basketball! The 4 oldest kids have all played for EVAC - Kait & Kat are currently on the Varsity Team, while Christopher & Khloe play soccer. With the older two kids married they make it a point to plan family outings and dinners. Melanie spends lots of time on the road driving to various activities, student ministries, and basketball games several nights a week. 


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