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Next Sermon Series - RAISED: How the Resurrection Transforms Us

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This coming Sunday we are starting a 3 part mini series on the Resurrection, based on 1 Corinthians chapter 15. We recently interviewed Rich Richardson about the series and wanted to give you a peek into what is coming and hear Rich's heart for our church to grow through the preaching of this section of God's word.

Why should this passage matter to us as Christians, as church members, as employees/students, as husbands/wives, as young adults, etc?
We don't usually think about eternity on a daily basis, or it's far removed and sort of "out there." We all need to be thinking about eternity daily and this series will help us. Most of us have an idea of heaven as merely or only a spiritual place and not physical.  The reality is, we have Jesus who has ascended to the right hand of the father - He is still in flesh. Where He is, is where we will be and we will be just like Him. There are implications for us now even though we don't have our glorified bodies - namely that we have a new nature and we can tap into who Jesus is now.

What is something unique about this passage (1 Corinthians 15)?
This chapter in the Bible deals the most with the resurrection and what it means for us. No other chapter teases it out like this.

Why should we be excited to hear preaching on this passage?
Because it will transform our daily lives!

What are some evidences of growth and change that you are hoping to see in the lives of the yourself and the church as a result of this series? 
I hope that we all will grow in making the Lord more central in how we think and process daily life. It's not like we have a whole bunch of responsibilities and things we do and then we also have our Christian life. We are all Christians first who happen to do other things and have other responsibilities. I hope to blow away misunderstandings about the nature of eternal life through the study of this passage and that any passivity we may have toward eternity would fade.

Is there a particular verse or set of verses you are especially excited to preach on?
The end - verse 55 and following, where it says "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?" That's my favorite part. We'll be going through that section on the 3rd week of the series, which will be September 3rd.

Are there any articles or books or commentaries that you would recommend for anyone wanting to dig deeper into this chapter on their own?
Yes, Raised with Christ by Adrian Warnock is a great book on this whole topic/chapter.


We've also created a Spotify playlist with 21 songs that center on the themes of the Resurrection and it's transforming power in our lives. We'd encourage you to listen during the weeks of this series specifically! You can access it via Spotify HERE or listen below --

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