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Meet the Johnson Family!

Meet the Johnson family: Jordan, Paige and their daughter Parker! Jordan is a financial analyst for iMortgage and Paige, in addition to being a full time mom to Parker (who is 10months old) owns her own business via Instagram called @PBJthreads where she sells handmade baby moccasins and other lovely items. On Sunday mornings you may find Paige serving in the youngest children's ministry class while Jordan plays bass on the band. As a family they love taking walks and going on hikes, spending time with family and friends and road-tripping to California (to see more family and friends)!

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Meet the Schepps Family!

Meet the Schepps Family! Alex & Ann with their 3 children: Aaron, Abby & Aleah. Alex is a Field Applications Engineer at Arrow Electronics (a former "rocket scientist!"). Ann is a former teacher (public and home!) who now keeps up with her kids and cooks amazing meals for them and anyone else who wants to eat. Aaron currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his new wife Megan. Abby is entering her Jr year of college and also works part time at Joe's Real BBQ as well as a chiropratic health office. Aleah is entering her freshman year of high school at Chandler Prep Academy. As a family they love watching and playing sports (baseball in particular), hiking, camping, playing games and traveling (yes, that is the Eiffel Tower in the background of this picture)! As members of SGC they serve in various capacities including leading a small group (Alex & Ann), serving in Gospel Acres children's ministry (Abby & Aleah) and traveling to Rancho 3M to serve the orphanage as often as they possibly can!

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