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Meet Trey & Charlotte Richardson!

This morning we meet another pastor's family for MemberMonday and Pastor Appreciation Month...

Meet Trey & Charlotte Richardson! They have 4 adult, married children (Rich, Clint, Clay and Courtney) and 13 grandchildren! Trey oversees several small groups as well as leads/oversees the Biblical Counseling ministry, the Senior Connect group, the women's ministry (with Charlotte, obviously), the Enrichment program and the prayer team. Charlotte does quite a bit of Biblical counseling - both with Trey (couples) and also one-on-one (women). In his spare time Trey enjoys watching sports with his sons and son-in-law, especially rooting for the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. He also likes to hunt, particularly elk, and is excited to have been drawn for the hunt next month! Charlotte likes to get out and enjoy cooler weather via long walks and bike rides. She also LOVES spending time with her grandkids and especially loves it when the whole family is all together.

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Meet the Richardson Family!

This morning we met Trey & Charlotte Richardson - now meet the family of their eldest son: Rich & Tiffany Richardson! Rich & Tiffany have 4 children: Jack (7th grade), Luke (4th grade), Cole (3rd grade) & Cora (Kindergarten). Rich is the lead pastor here at SGC and oversees [and does the majority of] the preaching and teaching, as well as leading the pastoral team. Tiffany, in addition to full time wife & motherhood, does some side work from home in the area of social media marketing. As a family they enjoy playing sports and attending each other's practices and games, as well as cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers (it's clearly a family thing). Oh, and we can't forget their dog, Moses, whose nose makes an appearance in the family picture and who is Rich's frequent study retreat companion.

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