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Mouer's Care Package

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A couple weeks ago we sent a care package to the Mouer Family in Haiti. They were very excited to receive it and sent us the following in response:

"I was getting ready to write an update when we were hit by a Christmas explosion. A team from Alabama arrived yesterday delivering care packages and one I’ll call a care package on steroids…an entire suitcase! It was amazing!! Jon had to run one of the CH employees home after dinner so Ellie and I had to wait a long thirty minutes for him to get back before opening. It was like Christmas morning waiting for your parents to wake up. Once we started opening the boxes and suitcase, all that could be heard was, 'Look!', 'Yeah!', 'Awesome!, 'Chips and salsa!', and on and on. Afterwards it looked like Christmas morning with candy wrappers, books, cards strewn around the room. Thank you all soooooooo much! It was an exclamation point ending to our week."

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Sharing the Wealth

Yesterday we were able to share the wealth of wisdom and gifting that we have in Trey Richardson by having 18 leaders from 3 different Teen Challenge centers (from Phoenix, Tucson and New River) come and receive Biblical Counseling training in a 1-day seminar specifically for them!

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