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Meet Sussy Salazar!

Meet Sussy Salazar! Sussy works for Agape Adoption Agency as a bilingual family specialist and is currently the lead for their private domestic and international adoption program. (She hopes to travel to Uganda this fall to help facilitate an adoption for one of her clients!) She also does some casework for the agency's foster care program as well.
On Sundays you can find her serving in the 2 year old class with her sister, Jessica Prather, and during the week she serves in SGU (College/Singles) as well as with the Biblical Counseling and Discipleship team. Sussy loves spending time with her family (especially her beloved niece and nephew!), getting coffee with the girls from SGU and salsa dancing!

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Meet the Shapiro Family!

Meet the Shapiro family: Aaron & Denise and their children Sam (21), Isaac (17), Savannah (15) and Grace (12)! Aaron is the lead Chiropractor at Integrity Chiropractic Health Center in Mesa and Denise, in addition to homeschooling, helps out at the office as well. Sam travels with various music bands as a photographer/videographer, Isaac is a Senior in High School and works part time at Nationwide Vision, and the girls are full time students. On Sundays you will often find the kids serving the younger generation in various classes of the Gospel Acres children's ministry. As a family, they love to take weekend trips to Rocky Point, Mexico, go on bike rides and watch movies.

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