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3 Questions to Help Gauge if You Are Walking Out Christian Life in the Body of Christ

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Following Rich's message on Sunday about being an active member in the body of Christ, here are 3 questions to ask yourself to help gauge your commitment and participation in the body of Christ.
1. Are you a member of a local church?
Have you been bouncing around from church to church based on whatever feels good or convenient that particular Sunday morning? Have you been attending a church but keeping your distance from getting too involved? Or attending but reluctant to commit to membership? Being a member of a local church, committing to fellowship, service and accountability with a specific group of people is the primary way that the Old Testament describes walking out being a Christian. (If you would like to pursue membership here at Sovereign Grace Church, sign up for the upcoming Starting Point class on February 6th!)

2. If you are a member of a local church, are you walking out committed involvement?
It's not enough to show up on a Sunday, sing, and listen to a sermon and walk out. You can do that anywhere on any given Sunday. Are you building with the specific body, the actual people within the local church?

One of the best ways to do this is to join a small group. If you're new and looking to connect and build relationships, consider joining the Connect Group. If you want to grow with others through a Bible study, consider joining the group studying Hebrews or Praying With Paul. There are also topical study groups and community groups that would love to have you!

Serving side by side with others on a ministry team is also a wonderful way to share life and build together. Consider signing up for a W1S1 team to meet new people and grow together through service to others and each other!

3. If you are a committed, involved member, are you looking for ways to strengthen and grow the body of Christ?
Just like a body will weaken and atrophy if not flexed, stretched and strengthened, the body of Christ grows stronger when its members use their gifts with joy to serve, reach out to the unsaved and/or new people and help draw them into fellowship and relationship, and deepen their understanding and love for God and each other.
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Meet the Pettit Family!

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Meet the Pettit Family: David & Cynthia and their boys James (4) and Brody (3). David is an electrical engineer at ViaSat and Cynthia is a stay at home mom. David serves on the security team on Sunday mornings, and Cynthia serves in the preschool class of Gospel Acres as well as the Counseling/Discipleship team. Together they lead and host one of the topical/Bible study small groups. David is an avid cyclist and enjoys riding throughout the week as well as participating in races and group rides. He also likes to read. Cynthia enjoys cooking and painting, and the boys love all things trains, superheros, Star Wars, and riding tricycles. As a family they like spending time with friends and family.

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