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3 Ways to Show Hospitality When You Are Limited

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On Sunday, Rich preached from Romans 12:13 on loving others and specifically through showing hospitality.
Here are some ideas of how to show hospitality when you are limited by...

Maybe you have a 1 bedroom apartment or a 900 square foot home. The idea of inviting others over with so little space can feel daunting. But hospitality doesn't necessarily have to happen only within your home. Ask someone if you can bring the meal to THEM. Pack up (or pick up?) dinner and enjoy it around their kitchen table instead of yours. You may be surprised how many people don't mind others inviting themselves over (especially if they're bringing the food)! Or take food to the park in your neighborhood - let the kids play while the adults fellowship and enjoy this great weather!

If feeding your own family is already a struggle, the thought of feeding additional people might be intimidating. But who says "hospitality" has to be over an elaborate, 4-course meal? Invite friends over for coffee and cookies AFTER dinner!

Not everyone has a Mon-Fri, 9-5 work week with zero extra activities during the week. The idea of adding ONE more thing to the schedule, filling up ONE more evening during the week, can feel overwhelming. Why not try and attach hospitality to an already-built-in activity? Is there another church family who plays on your son's sports team? Invite them over after practice or a game! Do you typically go out for lunch after church on Sunday? Invite a family to come with you, or pick up the food and head back to your house and enjoy it together over fellowship. Double date with another couple. Or invite someone over for breakfast on a Saturday morning in order to work around busy evenings.
Hospitality doesn't have to looks a certain way in order to happen!
What creative ways have YOU found to show hospitality despite various limitations?
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