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Recap: Love God Love Others seminar (Sexuality and God's Image)

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Last Saturday, a group of high school and college age students gathered together for teaching and discussion on a very important topic – sexuality. Taught by Tyler Jenner and Matt Celaya, they answered the question of “How do I think about sexuality in light of who God is and what God’s word says?” at Love God Love Others: Sexuality and the Image of God.

In a day and age where we are bombarded by dozens of different ideas, mindsets, principles and practices regarding sexuality, Biblical teaching on this topic is crucial and we are so thankful to Tyler and Matt for providing this for our young people!

In the first session, Tyler set the stage with Genesis chapter 1, talking about how man is created in God’s image and the good (and sexual) relationship that God originally created for man and woman, and the glorious purpose He had for it: to image Himself!

In the session that followed, Tyler explained how our sexuality and desires were and are affected by the fall when sin entered the world. Sinful acts shape our hearts, isolate us from God and isolate us from others. The question is not “Are my inclinations good or bad?” but rather “What do I do with my inclinations?” No matter our disposition or inclination, more than anything else, God calls us to be holy.


Session 3 was taught by Matt Celaya, who brought to light how the Gospel – God’s plan in the person and work of Jesus - affects our sexuality. He expounded on how Jesus gives substance and meaning to our sexuality that we could never imagine for ourselves—that we can learn what it means to be images of God in our sexuality from no better source than the personal living God-man Jesus, who reveals to us the God that is Love. Adam and Eve’s union spoke echoes to what God had planned to do in Jesus in times to come… They imaged God in their own relationship(s), but were still outside of knowing God’s love in a personal and intimate way.

The 4th and final session was on sexuality in regards to one another – living in out in community: working out our sexuality in gospel community and stewarding our sexuality in a life of personal discipleship. Our sexuality – whether whole and healthy or broken and struggling – should be worked out through the lens of the Bible and within gospel community. Stewarding our sexuality as a Christian looks different for each person… but the reality for is that our lives are to be shaped and formed by the crucified One who makes a claim and call on our whole way of life.


(We have had several requests for the recordings of this teaching, as well an opportunity for others in the church to come hear this teaching. We are working on both of these options!)




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