A Family Growing in Christ

Our great desire is to be a people who do not plateau in our love and knowledge of Jesus, but who know him better and better through the word of God. Being a Christian means, in part, a journey of holiness and godliness through our partnership with the Holy Spirit. We long to be a people known by our love for each other and our Savior.

A church should be a family — brought together by the love of God the Father and the blood of Jesus Christ. This common bond ties us together through thick and thin, and we support each other like family. Through small groups, connect groups, and student ministries, we really get to know each other and “do life” together.

This world is in desperate need of the life-altering, good news of the gospel. Every believer has been adopted into God’s family, and now our mission is draw others into his perfect redemption. We serve our neighborhoods and the nations because of the gospel, and the gospel is central to our service.

Last Week’s Sermon: Sunday Sermon: Romans 11:1-10

Sunday Sermon: Romans 11:1-10

Good is often the enemy of right.  And good deeds are b […]

Spoken by: Rich Richardson

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Sunday Sermon: Romans 10:14-15

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the idea of world missi […]

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Sunday Sermon Romans 10:10-14

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It only takes a second of losing sight of the target fo […]

Sunday Sermon Romans 9:30-33

It is hard to understand why God does all that He does. […]


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Student Ministries: BackYard Bible Studies


The Student Ministries Backyard Bible Studies are BACK! […]

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